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Believe in the Mission of Catholic Education at Holy Spirit Parish School

Strong programs, successful enrollment and sufficient funds to sustain them – that’s what Development is all about. Two key priorities drive our fundraising:

Keeping tuition at Holy Spirit Parish School affordable. We believe that it should be possible for every Catholic child to have access to a quality Catholic education. Our fund raising efforts keep tuition lower for all families.

Providing excellence in education. We set high standards at Holy Spirit Parish School. This requires competitive salaries to attract and retain an excellent faculty, and funds for vital programs like fine arts, music, science and technology.

We invite you to join in the mission of Holy Spirit Parish School by making a gift today.

Holy Spirit Parish School is a charitable organization with an important role and ministry in our community. It is a cause worth supporting. Your gift to Holy Spirit Parish School is tax deductible, and more importantly – it will make a difference in our community and in the lives of children.